Best Massage Gun Reviews of 2021

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Gone are the days when massage guns were assumed to be used by athletes only. Working out indoors and working from home during the pandemic has shown that people need massage guns more than ever for post-workout recoveries and relaxation. Massage guns, also known as percussion massage guns or muscle massage guns help relieve soreness in muscles, improves blood circulation, aids in recovery and prevents delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). These massage guns use percussive therapy and vibration therapy to oscillate through muscles while relieving pain and increasing blood flow.

Key Factors You Should Consider Before Selecting a Massage Gun

Many percussion massage guns are proliferating in the market and you may wonder which muscle massage gun to buy. We have made things easier for you! Here are key factors you should consider that will guide you in purchasing a massage gun.

● Force and Speed

When purchasing a massage gun, you need to consider the speeds and amplitude of a massage gun. If you are a pro athlete, go for one with high speeds and high amplitudes, unlike a person who is a non-athlete. Also, go for a percussion massage gun that has different speed levels and amplitudes. You will be able to adjust your level depending on the soreness of your muscles and needs.


Massage guns have mortars and they can be noisy when oscillating at high speeds. Go for massage guns that are noiseless although they might be slightly expensive. It’s better to top up those few bucks and get a calming massage experience.


Since massage guns are handheld devices, consider lighter ones. You wouldn’t want to purchase something heavy that you cannot hold for some minutes when doing massages. Besides the weight, consider also its portability, size and shape.

 Design and Customizability

A good muscle massage gun is one built with adjustable settings and custom designs. You should be able to adjust the angle of its handle, speed, time, amplitude and set duration of a massage. Furthermore, it should have custom massage heads ideal for different target body parts.

Top 7 Massage Guns You Should Not Miss Out

Now, here are some of the best seven massage guns in 2021 you should know.

1. Urikar AT1

Top on our list is the AI-Powered percussion massage gun - Urikar AT1.  This professional percussion massage gun is powered by an industrial-grade proprietary brushless motor that uses QuietPower 2.0 Technology, delivering up to 65lbs of no-stall force, 16mm amplitude.  What makes AT1 outstanding is that it provides a lot of smart features, like massage head auto recognition, smart adaptive speed and AI-powered massage guidance. You can quickly get to know how to use it even if you know nothing about this product before.

Also, Urikar ATI comes with 6 smart interchangeable heads, which can hit 100% of your body. As for the speed, it has 8 interchangeable speeds of up to 3800 RPM and an amplitude of 16mm. AT1 comes with a rechargeable 2600mAh lithium battery that provides up to 10 hours of sustained use once fully charged

Urikar AT1 weighs 2.4lbs (1.1kg) and you can get it at $269.99 only.


  • It’s powerful considering its stall force, amplitude and speed.
  • It has an intelligent dashboard that displays your massage cycle.
  • It is is able to recognize the massage head you insert based on data obtained from its sensors.
  • It provides 6 silicone rubber attachments available to further personalize your treatment.
  • It has a D-shaped handle to ensure massage heads reach the target parts.
2. Theragun

Theragun has a set of smart percussive therapy massagers like Theragun Pro and Theragun Elite. Theragun Pro is their latest massage gun that has 5 customizable speed ranges ranging from 1750 to 2400 PPM. It comes with six interchangeable heads that are non-porous closed-cell foam which can be cleaned easily for a more hygienic experience. As for the force, it’s built with a 16mm amplitude that goes 60% deep into your skin. Theragun Pro weighs 2.8 lbs (1.3 kg)


  • It has 2 interchangeable batteries making it a long-lastingmassage gun.
  • Has four customizable angles that ensure you reach target areas.
  • Integrates with Apple Health and Google Fit via Bluetooth so that you can personalize your routines.


  • It costs $599 which is slightly more expensivethan other massage guns.
  • It is much more noisy compared to Urikar AT1.

3. Hyperrice

You can also check on the Hyperrice Hypervolt percussion massage gun customized for your daily workout routines. Unlike Theragun, Hypervolt has three customizable speeds of up to 3200 PPM. It also comes with 5 interchangeable heads and a straight handle with a firm grip. Since it weighs 2.5lbs (1.1kgs) you can easily hold it for long while doing your massages. You can get it for $299 only.


  • Its battery is rechargeable and it can last up to 2hours plus
  • It comes with a head attachment pouch to store the 5 heads


  • Has fewer customizable speeds

    4. Taotronics

    Taotronics also has massage guns that help relieve your muscle soreness. Taotronics Model: TT-PCA004 that goes for $79.99 only is one of their best muscle guns. It has 20 adjustable speed levels starting from 800 to 3200 RPM. Its stall force is relatively good since it ranges between 18 and 33lb with a depth of force of 8mm. The beauty of this cost-friendly massage is that it is noiseless since its noise level is between 35 to 53dB. A Taotronics massage gun is ideal if you are working on a low budget.


    • It has interchangeable heads
    • It is light and portable since it weighs 1.6lb (725.7g)
    • It has several speed levels


    • It takes longer to charge
    • Its battery life does not last long compared to other massage guns

    5. TimTam Power Pro 3

    TimTam Power Massage 3 is another powerful massage gun for your full body massage. It comes with an automated heated tip. Therefore, it can detect skin temperatures and offer the right massage temperatures. Besides, it has five pre-programmed settings that include Warm-Up, Recovery with Neck and Lumbar ideal to provide muscle recovery in these areas. When it comes to other customizable settings, TimTam Power Pro 3, has three-speed levels between 1000 to 2800PPM. Its stall force ranges between 5-75lbs with a depth of 20mm. Therefore, if you want deep percussive therapies you can go for TimTam at $499.99 only. It weighs 4lbs (1.8kg).


    • It is noiseless since the noise level is 25db
    • It can detect skin temperature
    • It has a 175-degree rotational head for easy one-handed use


    • It only has one non-detachable head
    • Its battery only lasts for 1 hour

    6. VYBE percussion Massage Gun Pro

    If you want a percussive massager with a wide range of customizable settings then VYBE percussion massage gun pro is ideal for you. This muscle massage gun comes with 8 attachable heads. Also, it has 9-speed levels that you can just with the highest being 3400 strokes per minute. Looking at its strength, it has comfortable percussion and moderate pressure with an amplitude of 12mm. Therefore, you can adjust to the ideal settings you want. It weighs 4.5lbs (2.0kgs) and goes for $149.99.


    • It has many customizable settings
    • It has a long battery life of 3 hours
    • Its handle is lightweight and comfortable


    • It has noise levels of 60db which is a bit noisy
    • It is bulky

    7. Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun

    You can also try the Opove M3 Pro massage gun that comes with three different levels. With these levels, you can get a deep massage, muscle relation and do warm-ups. Also, it comes with 4 interchangeable heads with an amplitude of 12mm that goes deep into your skin. Its stall force is 30lbs which ensures you get the right depth and force of massage. Besides the protective case that comes with it, it is made of an anti-drop shell that protects its body when it drops from high levels like 2 meters. Opove M3 Pro weighs 2.5lbs(1.1kg) and it goes for $155.


    • It has a changeable rechargeable battery that lasts for 3 hours
    • Its handle is madeof silicone that offers a firm grip.
    • Its maximum noise level is 54db which makes it a quiet massager.


    • It has three-speed levels which are less compared to other massage guns that have 5-20 speed levels.
    • Its handle is not rotatable


    We have listed the seven best massage guns ranging from cost-friendly to expensive massage guns. Before you settle on a massage gun, consider its speed, stall force, noise, number of heads and weight. Massage guns like Urikar AT1, Theragun, TimTam are powerful massage if you are working with a high budget while Opove, Hyperrice Hypervolt are medium budget massage guns. If you are on a low budget go for Taotronics. Besides the price, go for a massage that is powerful and modern like Urikar AT1.


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