Does Running Burn More Calories than Walking?

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Part 1: Which Burns More Calories in Total?

Walking versus running the same distance, which way will help you burn more calories? We know that by either walking or running you will burn calories but with running you will lose more calories. Running 1km would burn more than 50 per cent more calories than walking the same distance according to the research has shown that.

The energy you use in running is more than the energy you use in walking. Therefore, if you want to burn more calories consider running.

Actually many factors influence the calorie burn of both activities (age, weight, fitness level, pace, surface…). But if you compare calorie burn for the same distance, the most important factor is speed. If you walk faster at the speed of running within the same kilometre as running you will lose the same calories.

Part 2: Should You Walk or Run Faster?

If you compare walking to running faster in relation to burning calories, it wholly depends on your speed. If you can walk faster or 12 minutes per mile you will burn the same calories as a jogger or runner. If you are a runner, you don't get any calorie-burning benefit by going faster than 10 minutes per mile or 6 mph.

Therefore, you should choose the activity that you are comfortable doing.

Part 3: Should You Walk or Run Longer?

When you walk or run for a longer distance you will definitely burn more calories. It’s often a desire of any person working out to burn more calories daily. Therefore, you can choose to add your walking or running distance incrementally. You can start by adding 10 to 15 minutes weekly and you will eventually increase workout distance and burn more calories.

Part 4: How to Recover after Walking or Running?

Goal achieved! You have run or walked and you have burnt calories. Your body is now painful, muscles are painful, and probably swollen muscles. How do you relieve pain after a workout? It is simple. You need a workout recovery. A good massage should help you relieve pain and ease soreness in your body. You can visit your massage therapist or a massage parlour within you.

However, due to the ongoing global pandemic getting out to public places is not safe. Here is where a handheld massage comes in. You need a massage gun tool like Urikar AT1 massage gun. It is the world’s first AI-Powered massage gun with a lot of smart feature to make your workout recovery simpler and more efficient.

Key Feature of Urikar AT1 Massage Gun:

  1. Powerful 
  • AT1 delivers up to 65lbs of no-stall force, 16mm amplitude, and speeds of up to 3600 percussions per minute. Most massage guns can only penetrate 12mm deep into the muscles.
  1. Smart
  • AT1 offers both a manual mode and an automatic mode. The automatic mode is the default setting, and provides you with detailed instructions on the LCD screen on where to massage, pre-setup, proper massage speed, as well as force, and depth. This takes away all the guesswork and means you can achieve a professional and effective massage every time.
  • AT1 is able to recognize the massage head .
  • AT1's infrared sensor enables smart percussive speed adaptation based on the distance between the device and your body.
  1. Low Noise
  • Utilizing the grephene coating, AT1 is able to greatly reduce the coefficient of friction for increased efficienc and provide impressively high performance while producing minimal noise (just 49dB).

Moreover, the beauty of Urikar Pro 3 is that you can do your massages for up to 600 minutes non-stop thanks to its long-lasting battery. On the other hand, with daily use of 15 mins on average, you can use at least 40 days on a single charge. It is also lightweight hence you can hold it for long with one hand without getting tired. Due to its portability, you can carry it with you when going on a trip or office.

Urikar Pro 3 design is intuitive and it’s easy to use. Featuring an ergonomic D-shapeshandle, AT1 helps you reach anywhere, even those awkward sections of your back, you just need to read the instructions in the manual to know how the heads function and you are good to go.

Part 5: How to Recover After Exercise with Urikar AT1

Without further ado, let us look at how you can use Urikar AT1 to recover after exercise.

Step 1. Remove the massage gun from its case and power on the device by push the Power button to the right side.

Step 2. Next, pick the right massage head and wipe it with a damp cloth. From there, you can fix the massage head to the massage gun.

Step 3. Now, the device will instantly recognize the head you insert and show the appropriate massage speed, massage part , and time respectively.

Step 4. From there, you can now place the massage head to the appropriate body part to start the deep tissue massage. For instance, if it is a flat head, you need to use it within your abdomen, chest and legs. After that, you can insert another massage head and massage the appropriate body part until you have fully massaged your body.

Remember, when doing all these recovery massages you should sit in a comfortable position.

Step 5. Once you are done with the recovery massage, power off the massage and wipe the used massage heads. Return the massage gun and head to its case and store it well.


Whether you choose to run or walk, the goal should be to burn more calories. If you decide to walk, ensure that you increase your speed so that you can burn calories that you should have burnt while running. Also, after doing any of these exercises ensure that you do a recovery massage so that you relieve pain in muscles, reduce inflammation and prevent muscle injuries. Urikar AT1 has you catered for all your post-recovery workouts. Buy it today, it is available on Amazon, just go get one and give it a try.

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