How To Solve That Sore Back

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There are scores of people out there who complain about sore backs especially those who spend much time sitting and straining their backs. While different factors can trigger sore back, it is worth knowing that most backaches can be relieved without seeing a doctor. A sore back is not something new. People have been dealing with it successfully. There might be no all-in-one fix for the sore back, but there are several proven and recommended ways of solving that sore back. Here are some of the best methods to solve sore back problems.

1. Have Enough Sleep

Sleeping with back pain can be challenging. However, without enough sleep, the pain would become worse during the day. A night of good sleep will make you relaxed, energetic and refreshed throughout the day. If you have a challenge with falling asleep, you can use supplements valerian, l-theanine, melatonin, vitamins c and b to improve your sleep.

2. Avoid Prolonged Static Posture

Studies have shown that lying down too much can slow recovery and raise back pain. The prolonged static posture increases stress on your spinal disc, joints, and muscles of your spine and hip. Try rotating your activities to avoid sitting in one place. Also, check that your posture keeps your neck, back, and shoulder aligned in such a way that stress on your spine is relieved.   

3. Gently Stretch Your Joints And Soft Tissues Through Yoga

Try stretching gently, then slowly increase the intensity as long as you are comfortable and don't feel pain. Yoga is a good way to stretch your back and improve your muscles and joints. Yoga is not only known to improve the distribution of healing nutrients via blood circulation but also enhances the flexibility of the spine.

4. Try Mindful Meditation

Mindful meditation drags you away from the thought of pain and immerses you into a feel-good space. Here, your concentration improves and the body releases good hormones that relieve anxiety and stress.

5. Try Ice and Heat

Apply ice on the aching areas to relieve pain and inflammation regularly. You can do it for around 20 minutes per session. After a few days, switch to heat and apply it using a heated pad. Heat improves blood circulation to affected areas and hence faster healing.

6. Keep A self-activating Heat Patch Handy

Self-activating heat patches can be great especially if you are driving for a long distance. You can wear them inside your clothing to provide continuous eat supply to the affected area. Make sure you follow the pack instructions for effective usage.

7. Don't Rest An Achy Back

Resting an achy back was often a prescription in the past. However, it can make your pain worse. Just get up from your bed and slowly begin moving. Gradually increase your movement pace and integrate some safe exercises.  

8. Take A Massage

Massage is an effective way of reducing backaches and is mostly prescribed by physiotherapists. Massage has numerous benefits including reduced muscle tension, relaxation, improved joint mobility and flexibility, better blood circulation, enhanced recovery of soft tissues.

Traditionally, people have been hiring massage therapists for massage services. Well, hiring a massage therapist is not a bad idea. However, it won't take long before you realize the associated inconveniences. With a massage therapist, you have to fit into his/her schedule and according to the number of services and duration. Cumulatively, it turns out to be expensive and may drain your financial muscle. This is why you need a massage gun. With a massage gun, you have a better degree of flexibility and convenience. You can go with it to your workplace and do massage anytime you want.  Above all, it is a cheaper option because you only incur costs during the purchase.

Get the Best Massage Gun Urikar Pro 2

When you go around shopping for a good massage gun, Urikar Pro 2 is the best massage gun for you. This massage gun is equipped with several good features that take your massage experience to unmatchable heights.

The interchangeable massage heads make it suitable for all types of muscles and tissues of your body. This way, you can use the right head for the right muscles, hence safety and effectiveness are achieved simultaneously.

Again, you can adjust the message gun speed to reach your desired speed level and obtain tat percussive massage. The good thing here is that Urikar Pro 2 has a nearly noiseless operation across all these speeds.

This massage gun has 180 degrees rotating arm that makes it easy to reach the hard-to-reach parts of your body.

Urikar Pro 2 also comes with a high-capacity battery rated 2600mah. In simple terms, this battery can continuously run your massage gun for 10 hours! That's amazing. Isn't it? The list of Urikar Pro 2 is long but we can never forget the ease of use. This device comes with an easy-to-use panel with clearly labeled buttons. Even if you are a newbie, you won't struggle to use it.  

How to Use Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun

Step 1. The first step begins with the selection of the correct massage head. Once you have selected it, align it and press it into the groove of the massage gun.

Step 2. Now turn on the massage gun by pressing the power button. If you see a flash on the blue power indicator, then the gun is on.

Step 3. It is time to run the massage gun. Tap the "Start/Pause" button and the massage gun should run. You can increase or decrease the massage gun speed by twirling the turntable.

Step 4. To stop the massage gun, simply toggle the Power to OFF side. Remember to adjust the rotating arm to reach those hard-to-reach body sections, as illustrated below.

Step 5. When your battery goes low, you can recharge by inserting the adapter into a healthy socket while the other end into the charging port.  


If you try all the above tips, you will easily notice that the massage option solves your sore back faster than any other option. It even becomes faster and more convenient with a massage gun. Therefore, you need to fund yourself a good massage gun and get started. Fortunately, we have simplified everything for you by recommending the best massage gun. Yes, Urikar Pro 2 is the perfect massage gun for you. Try it today and solve that sore back problem faster than you thought.

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