Should You Reach for a Handheld Massage Gun?

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What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a handheld rechargeable device that offers massage therapies without having to visit a massage therapist.  The handled massage gun looks like a drill and usually comes with different changeable massage heads. A few years ago, the handheld percussion massager was not popular but with the Covid-19 pandemic that commands social distance, they are now widely adopted. It cuts you the time and money that you could have visited a massage therapist.

How Does the Handheld Massage Gun Work 

Massage guns work your muscles using a technique known as percussive therapy, also known as vibration therapy. However, the tool doesn’t vibrate, it oscillates extremely fast, essentially hitting the targeted body part repeatedly, multiple times every second. So, percussive therapy is the more accurate description of how massage guns work.

The effect of this is that your nervous system becomes stimulated by the sensation, prompting the body to respond in ways that increase blood flow, releasing tension, improve range of motion, and promote pain relief.

The  Differences between Percussion Massage Gun and Traditional Massage

Massage guns can be effective at speeding up recovery times and relieving muscle tension, which can be particularly useful after an exercise or workout. They can benefit you the best when used in conjunction with professional massage therapy. Professional massage can be much more effective because you can just lay there and relax your entire body while being treated. This is important to getting the most out of a massage.

However, most people aren’t able to get a massage every day or even a few times a week. So, a massage gun can help to supplement regular professional massage treatment. If you go for a run or to the gym three times per week, then you can use the massage gun after each workout and then enjoy a professional massage every two weeks.

What to Look for In A Handheld Deep Tissue Massager?

Today, there are many massages available in the market. Whether at your local store or eCommerce sites. They differ according to price, size, shapes, material, durability and features. Ideally, the price range for handled massage guns is between $100 and $500. Now that you have opted for a massage gun over a massage therapist, what should you look for in a handheld massager? Here are some guiding tips.

· Massage Gun Power

Massage gun power is determined by speed and amplitude. A good handled massage gun is one with different speeds because some people prefer gentle massage while others prefer soft massages. Therefore, with a massage that has different speeds, you can choose the speed that you want.

As for the amplitude, we are talking about how deep the massage head travels. Massage guns that have high amplitude travel deeper and the vibration is intense. If you want deep tissue massage go for a massage with higher amplitudes.

· Portability

When you are buying a massage gun, it is important to consider the weight of a massage gun. Why? Since it is handled you will be holding it with your hands or one hand over 10 minutes and you don’t want something heavy. Moreover, you may want to use it at the office, carry it to the gym or even need it on your vacation. Therefore, you should consider its size and weight.

· Noise

Generally, when using massage guns, motor guns will generate some noise. However, massage gun levels differ. Go for a massage gun with less noise so that it does not interfere with your relaxing massages or the people around you.

· Battery Life

Another thing that you must consider in a handled massage gun is battery life. Go for massage guns that have a longer battery life so that it does not interfere with your massages. Most of the rechargeable massage gun battery life lasts between 1 hour to 3 hours.

· Number of Massage head guns

One of the key elements of a massage gun is changeable massage heads. A good massage gun should have different massage heads suitable for different body parts.

· Warranty

Just like any other high- value electronic, go for a handled massage gun that has a warranty in case of any defects or premature failures.

The Best Handheld Massage Gun You Should Not Miss Out?

After looking at what to consider in a handheld massager, we want to share you with the best and most versatile massage guns to purchase is Urikar Pro 2

Pro 2 features a powerful brushless motor which delivers 60 pounds of no-install of force, with high-speed impact that reaches 3600 rpm with 6 different speed options. Also, It is a portable deep tissue massage gun with 8 interchangeable massage heads with a rotating handle. You can adjust the angle of your massage gun for convenient back muscle massaging. Urikar Pro 2 is a powerful handheld massager since it offers four working modes namely, constant speed mode, fluctuation mode, stairway mode and heating mode. Moreover, it is portable since it weighs 1.2 kgs and its size is 268*292*93mm hence you can carry it with you to work or when travelling. Its battery life is pretty ideal since its capacity is 2600Ah hence you can do massages without getting worried it will stop. Now let us see how to use Urikar Pro 2 handled massager.

pro 2 massage gun

How to Use Urikar Pro 2 Handled Massager

Step 1. First, you need to power on the massage gun by switching on the power button at the base of the grip.

Step 2. After that, you need to adjust the speed of the massage gun according to your physique and adjust the angle to a rotatable angle.

Step 3. Urikar Pro 2 has 4 modes to choose from depending on the percussion you want. Constant mode is for constant percussion, fluctuation mode allows you to switch from high to low while massaging. While staircase mode allows you to steadily switch from low to high whereas heating mode is having a constant temperature. Therefore, choose accordingly.

Step 4. Next, you need to insert a massage head into the gun. Depending on where you want to massage, pick the appropriate head and insert it into the gun.

Step 5. Lastly, place the massage head to the target part and begin your massage. Once you are done, power it off and unplug the massage gun.


Massage guns are convenient massage equipment that you can use in the comfort of your home. They come in handy during a time where everybody is socially distant but still want to conduct massage therapies.  A good handled massage should have different amplitude, portable, longer battery life and less noise like the Urikar Pro 2 massage gun. You can try it.

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