What is a Massage Gun & How does it work?

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What is a Massage Gun & How does it work?

By: JBullTV www.jbulltv.com

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The Debate about The Massage Gun

A Massage gun is a massage gun and I’m sticking to what I say. Prove me wrong. I guess I do have to be careful when I tell someone to prove me wrong because then when you get in a debate about one’s beliefs on a massage gun though it could get pretty heated. I mean who wouldn’t agree? Yes, we will have a few, but no worries, I’m pretty sure I can handle a good debate about massage guns, especially the best massage gun.

First let’s dive into what a Massage Gun is. We could explore all the possibilities but I’m pretty sure we can just call it what it is. I mean if you look at a door, I’m sure you’re going to call it a door. One could beg to differ such as looking at a whale and calling it a fish as a opposed to being a bit more specific and just calling it a whale. One could actually go even further into the conversation and say well, a whale is actually a warm-blooded mammal and consume oxygen just like a human does. While a fish is a cold-blooded, gill bearing species that lacks everything else.
I guess there’s a few different sides of the sceptre that we really need to look at when we try to accurately describe something in its entirety. We could indeed look at 2 different sides and call a 6 a 9 and a 9 a 6 but there’s no mistaking here. The only difference than before is that the massage gun has evolved beyond belief.


Whatis the Massage Gun, Really?

 What is a Massage Gun? Well… pretty simple to state. It’s an electronic device that massages you. Though I’m being a bit facetious, we can all agree that’s the straightest possible answer you’re going to get. The massage gun is there to help relieve your muscles from pain, decreases levels of lactic acid after a workout, as well as, loosen tight muscles during your exercise.

I’ve seen a bunch of sites talk about "is a massage gun a power tool or not." We’re going to silence this and put it to rest. I mean we’re about to blow the conspiracy wide open. If you look at the current massage guns on the market, you’re going to see that they all resemble your modern-day power tool. Some people have Bosch (not borsch, that’s like the delightful Russian soup), or Toshiba, or Dewalt, Hitachi, Ryobi and yes some have a Black & Decker. From my personal experience I have seen some massage gun brands, like theragun, timtam & hyperice, out there that are your equivalent of a Black and Decker but 100 times more expensive. They’re loud, always malfunctioning and breaking all the time. Warranties disappear as well as parts and well… everything.

They seem to have a good marketing ploy but when it really comes down to it, it’s a power tool. Loud, easy to break and expensive. If I’m going to spend that kind of money, it better have more functions than an on and off button.

The Persona

Anyways, just imagine yourself in one of those commercials using a massage gun. Super tranquil scene with the massage gun’s rubber ball bouncing up and down sending a mesmerizing slow-motion type ripple effect across your skin’s surface. How peaceful and sensational that must sound and be as this process loosens your overly tight muscles after a long workout while releasing the lactic acid build up in your sore muscles.


I just wanted you to get the main idea what a massage gun is and does. It simply provides a percussive therapy that helps increase blood flow to the specified area of application. This can help reduce inflammation, muscle tension and break up knotty areas. Another thing you use it for is to warm up your muscles prior to a workout.

Final Thoughts

Massage guns are exactly what the name describes. A power tool type of therapy all applied into a device called the massage gun. It’s safe to say that this is something that everyone is looking for whether they know it or not. I’m just wondering why it has taken so long for this to come out before recent years. Nonetheless, these products are getting better and better.


About the Author

I'm JBull. I've been in the international trade business for over 10 years going world wide looking for the next best tech to provide every single one of my customers. I've recently took to blogging and reviewing products. I hope with each and every new post, I'll be able to bring you better viewpoints and useful knowledge so that your buyer experience will improve and you can make better decisions on what to buy, without regret.

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