• How Effective is a Massage Gun for Recovery?

    How Effective is a Massage Gun for Recovery?

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    Massage is known as one of the oldest healing traditions, dating back to ancient civilizations. People swore by the technique way back then and there is a reason it has stood the test of time. Well, it has many benefits, particularly if you are dealing with pain or aches. Research has shown that massage therapy (myotherapy) can help manage chronic low back pain, soft...
  • 5 Self-Massage Alternatives to Relieve Aches and Pains

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    Massage is one of the oldest yet first lines of defense in pain management. According to America Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), in 2020, 30% of consumers who got a massage for health and wellness reasons stated it was part of a treatment plan from a doctor or medical provider. The top medical concerns were pain relief, 57%. Soreness and stiffness, 47%. Relaxation and stress reduction...
  • A Head-to-Head Comparison between Urikar Pro 3 and Theragun G3PRO Massage Gun

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    When the word massage gun comes up, what always comes in mind? Is there a specific brand that you know or have used before? There are thousands and thousands of massage guns in the market today and most of them are not that efficient or do not deliver at all. However, I want us to talk about two interestingly popular massage guns. The first...
  • Best Massage Gun Reviews of 2021

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    Gone are the days when massage guns were assumed to be used by athletes only. Working out indoors and working from home during the pandemic has shown that people need massage guns more than ever for post-workout recoveries and relaxation. Massage guns, also known as percussion massage guns or muscle massage guns help relieve soreness in muscles, improves blood circulation, aids in recovery and prevents delayed...
  • Percussive Therapy Vs. Vibration Therapy

    Percussive Therapy Vs. Vibration Therapy

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    The adoption of massage guns is on the rise. People are adapting to working out from home without having to go to the gym because of lockdowns. You must have heard about percussive massagers as a solution for post-workout recovery and terms like percussive therapy or vibration therapy when describing massagers. If not, this is still the right article for you since you will...
  • How To Solve That Sore Back

    How To Solve That Sore Back

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    There are scores of people out there who complain about sore backs especially those who spend much time sitting and straining their backs. While different factors can trigger sore back, it is worth knowing that most backaches can be relieved without seeing a doctor. A sore back is not something new. People have been dealing with it successfully. There might be no all-in-one fix...
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