5 Self-Massage Alternatives to Relieve Aches and Pains

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Massage is one of the oldest yet first lines of defense in pain management. According to America Massage Therapy Association (AMTA), in 2020, 30% of consumers who got a massage for health and wellness reasons stated it was part of a treatment plan from a doctor or medical provider. The top medical concerns were pain relief, 57%. Soreness and stiffness, 47%. Relaxation and stress reduction at 43%. When hit by terrible aches and pains like backaches, the first resort for several people is massage. Well, you may be used to going for massage therapy or getting a massage therapist, but what about now during the pandemic when physical interactions are limited? You will have to look for self-massage alternatives. Fortunately, there are plenty of self-massage alternatives for you, as highlighted in this article.  

1. The Most Effective Method- Massage Gun

As aforementioned, hiring a massage therapist is not only expensive but also lacks flexibility. These inherent problems can be averted with the help of a massage gun. Although the initial cost of a massage gun is high, you won’t fork out more cash for subscriptions. Also, you can carry it around and use it anywhere at a convenient time. In a nutshell, a massage gun proves economically friendly and flexible. 

There are plenty of handheld massage guns in the market. However, finding the right massage gun can prove hectic. Fortunately, Urikar Pro 2 ticks all the boxes of the best handheld massage gun. This massage gun is equipped with an assortment of amazing features that immensely transform your massage experience. Ranging from technical aspects to interactivity, Urikar Pro 2 is the real deal!

Urikar Pro 2 has a powerful battery rated 2600mAh. This battery can continuously run for 10 hours without recharging. Being a lithium battery, you can only charge once and use it for a month. Urikar Pro allows you to choose a range of six speed levels via an adjustable speed knob, unlike other massage guns. Also, you can choose among the smart modes, including ladder, constant speed, intermittent, and heating modes. 

Furthermore, Urikar Pro 2 also has 8 interchangeable head shapes that suit different tissues and muscles. If you want to reach those hard-to-reach parts of your body, you simply rotate the 180 degrees adjustable arm. One standout feature of Urikar Pro 2 is its ability to provide a deep and powerful message. The percussive massage can penetrate up to 15mm deep with speeds of 3600 RPM. Even at such speeds, this massage gun operates with low noise of less than 45dB. 

How to Use Massage Gun Pro 3 Step by Step

Step 1. First, choose the right massage head and insert it into the groove of the Urikar Pro 2 massage gun. Make sure the head is firmly in place.  

Step 2.  Now, turn on the massage gun by pressing the power button. The blue power indicator should flash.

Step 3. With the massage gun turned on, proceed to tap the “Start/Pause” button. You can vary the massage speeds by long-pressing the two buttons on either side of the “Start/Pause” button. To increase the speed, long-press the “V” button. To reduce the speed, long-press the inverted “V” button. 

Step 4. To stop the massage gun, press the “Start/Pause” button. If you want to reach those hard-to-reach parts, simply rotate the arm as shown below.

Step 5. When the battery drains, recharge the massage gun by inserting its adapter into a working socket. Also, insert the other end into the massage gun charging port.  

2. Gua sha

Gua sha is a traditional Chinese self-massage technique that has existed for ages. It involves the use of a rounded-end or flat-end tool to scrap the body for better blood circulation. When blood circulation to the soft tissues improves, they get warmed up, and the pain subsides. In one of the past researches on Gua Sha, blood circulation was seen to increase up to four times after just 8 minutes of this self-massage technique. To perform Gua Sha, simply apply oil or rub lotion on the aching part. Take a rounded edge tool and moderately press into that area. Scrap it and move along the desired length for a few minutes. 

3. Foam rolling

Foam rolling is another good self-massage technique to relieve aches and pains. Here, you position the target part on top of a foam roller then roll until the muscles become looser. The benefits of foam rolling are enhanced blood flow, improved range of motion, and lowered tensions in both muscles and connective tissues. 

4. Compression With Lacrosse Balls

Compression with lacrosse balls is a very simple yet effective self-massage technique. As the name suggests, this technique involves using lacrosse, tennis, or golf balls to massage those hard-to-reach spots. This massage technique is useful in easing the tension and pain in your muscles. The trick is simple. Place the ball in position and position the target area of your body over the ball. Do small movements within that target area to help soften the target tissue. This technique is useful for body tissues and muscles. Note, do not use it for bones or joints. 

5. Epsom Salt Bath

Taking a hot water bath improves blood circulation and ultimately relieves pain and aches. It is advisable to add Epsom salt to warm water to make muscle relaxation better. Since Epsom salt is made up of Magnesium sulfate, the dilation of blood vessels is enhanced and hence better blood circulation. This process is not complicated. Simply add a cup of Epsom salt to warm water, then soak the target parts of your body for about 15 minutes. You can even add light stretches or self-massage work as you soak your body in Epsom salt 

The Wrap Up

It is no secret that there are plenty of self-massage alternatives to relieve aches and pains. While several of these methods are helpful, using a massage gun is far more superior. That percussive massage experience, wide level of controls, and effectiveness make it a top choice for many people. However, not every massage gun gives you an up-to-scratch experience. Select a good massage gun like Urikar Pro 2 and transform the way you do your massage. Good luck!

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