A Head-to-Head Comparison between Urikar Pro 3 and Theragun G3PRO Massage Gun

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When the word massage gun comes up, what always comes in mind? Is there a specific brand that you know or have used before? There are thousands and thousands of massage guns in the market today and most of them are not that efficient or do not deliver at all.

However, I want us to talk about two interestingly popular massage guns. The first one is Urikar Pro 3 deep tissue massage gun and the second one is Theragun G3 PRO. Now check out the video about the compasion between Urikar Pro 3 and the Theragun G3PRO from different aspects . Here we will look at all their features, the price and so much more so that you can be the judge on which massage gun you can start using. 

First, we will look at the speeds that both offer. Theragun G3 PRO offers 5 speed levels whereas the Urikar Pro 3 provides a speed of 30 that is also flexible. You can adjust how fast or how slow you want it to go while using Urikar Pro 3.

Moreover, Urikar Pro 3 uses the latest lithium ion battery technology with a capacity of 2600mAh. This offers you a working time of 600 minutes whereas Theragun G3 PRO offers only 150 mins. With daily use of 10 mins on average, you can use Urikar Pro 3 at least 60 days on a single charge.

In addition, the Theragun G3PRO has a noise level of 77db which is pretty loud compared to Urikar Pro 3 which has a noise level of only 42dB at the 3400 RPM maximum speed. It is quiet enough to be used in your house or office without anyone noticing.

Also, they both have the Professional-grade motor. However, the Urikar Pro 3 uses the latest QuitePower 2.0 Technology, which makes it more powerful with lower noise level.

The other thing that we have to closely look is the weight. We all want something light that we can carry around with ease, right? The Urikar Pro 3 weighs 2.0lbs while Theragun G3 PRO weighs 2.9lbs making it heavier compared to the Urikar Pro 3.

If you fancy screen displays, then the Urikar Pro 3 offers a screen display while Theragun G3 PRO does not have one.

The Theragun G3 PRO has an Ergonomic Multi-Grip while Urikar Pro 3 offers the Ergonomic 180 Rotatable grip that allows you to really hit 100% parts of your body while maintaining a comfortable grip.

Last but not least, if we look at their prices, Urikar Pro 3 goes for around $139.99 while Theragun G3 PRO goes for $599. This shows that Urikar Pro 3 packs a lot of features and costs less compared to Theragun G3 PRO. They both come with 2 years warranty.

In conclusion, as you can see, Urikar Pro 3 comes out affordable and with more features than Theragun G3 PRO. It is lightweight, has a low noise level and so many things you won’t find in the Theragun G3PRO which costs $599.  

It's pretty impressive to see all of the differences between the two gadgets, both of which arguably mark the beginnings of new eras for the massages.

Can't wait to try it now? Just learn more about Pro 3 from Urikar offcial website and go get one, I belive it won't  let you down.

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