How to Use Percussive Massager to Improve Your Sleep Quality

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Studies have linked sleep deprivation to hypertension, obesity, diabetes, lack of energy,  poor concertation and even dementia. It is always important to have enough sleep since it is good for your general health. If you are one of those people who keep tossing throughout the night or have a night of poor sleep, you need to have to look for ways to improve your sleep quality. You can start exercising or using a percussive massager to improve your sleep.

What is a Percussive Massager?

A percussive massager is a handheld device that uses vibrations techniques to penetrate deep into your muscle fibres, breaking up internal adhesions and increasing blood flow to tight areas. It is often used by athletes and people who love to work out and keep fit. Percussive massagers are cheaper and affordable ways to get percussive massages without seeing a therapist or visiting massage parlours.

The Effects of Percussive and Vibration Therapy in Sleep Quality

Some people who fail to sleep at night because they are anxious or feeling some muscle soreness after a workout. A percussive and vibration therapy effect can greatly improve your sleep. Percussive therapy and vibrations lower your anxiety levels, making your body and mind relaxed. When you get to bed, you will be calm and easily fall asleep.

Another way that percussions and vibration therapy enhance sleep is by easing the soreness and pain in your muscles. As you massage the muscles deep through the muscles, it will reduce the pain on your muscles. In the end, the pain will go away and you will have improved circulation of blood and you will have a good sleep at night.

How Does A Massage Gun Helps Improve Your Sleep?

A massage gun is effective in improving your sleep. After working out, you will feel tired, soreness in muscles, inflammation and even muscle stiffness.  As stated earlier, percussive and vibration can improve your sleep. Therefore, a massage gun offers percussive and massage therapies that you are looking for to improve the quality of your sleep.

A combination of percussive and vibration therapy from the massage gun will leave your body relaxed and calm if you are dealing with anxiety depriving you of sleep. Moreover, percussive therapy ensures increased blood flow in your soft tissue hence relieving pain in your muscle joints. Furthermore, the deep vibrations from the massage gun make the muscles relaxed hence reducing pain, soreness, inflammation and stiffness. Massage guns are vital tools that ease pains on your muscles, improves blood circulation and strengths your muscles joints. As a result, your body will be relaxed and you will have a better sleep at night.

The Best Massage Gun Urikar Pro 2

The next question you should be asking is which is the best massage gun? Many massage guns are sprouting in the market, but Urikar Pro 2 stands out due to its performance. For starters, this massage gun is rechargeable and handheld massager that provides percussive and vibration therapy. It has a 3600 RPM, 6 speed levels and 65 pounds of force idea for your health fitness. It can improve your sleep, relieve muscle pain, improve your performance, fasten muscle recovery, reduce inflammation, prevent injuries and increase blood flow.

Based on rehabilitation medicine and sports anatomy, Pro 2 offers 3 massage modes to help users get a more scientific rehabilitation experience. Plus, there is a Heating Mode availabe to give you the benefits of hot compress therapy, you can apply heat to promote blood flow and prevent injury before exercise.

Urikar Pro 2 massage gun is well desired for your whole-body massages and relaxation, thanks to its 8 massage heads. Each of the 8 massage heads has different shapes meant for shoulders, calves, tendons, cervix, among others. 

When doing percussive therapy at home or office using Urikar Pro 2, you will not have to worry about cause disturbance since it is noiseless. It is also lightweight and you can hold it for long using one hand. Furthermore, when it is fully charged, it can last up to 10 hours while using it. This makes it one of the best futuristic massage guns in the market now.

Now let see how you can use Urikar Pro 2 to get rid of sleep deprivation.

How to Use Urikar Pro 2 Massage Gun to Improve Sleep

When you have just acquired a Urikar Pro 2, you need to follow the following simple guide to make the best out of it.

Step 1. First, unbox the massage gun and remove it from its case. Wipe the massage heads using a damp cloth before powering the massage guns. Next, you need to power on the massage gun at the bottom of the handle and then check the battery levels on the dashboard. If the blue bars are one or two, then consider charging the massage gun first.

Step 2. After charging the massage gun, you can now power it on again. This time place the appropriate massage head to the gun. If you want to massage your whole body, consider plugging in the ball head. Then twirl the turntable to find the appropriate massage mode.

Step 3. Once you have placed the massage head and the massage gun is vibrating, go to the dashboard to adjust speed and mode. You should make these adjustments according to your preference.

Step 4. Next, you can now place the massage head to the target muscle. Ensure that you are only massaging the muscles and not bones because you will feel some pain. If you feel the speed is too high or too low, you can simply adjust.

Step 5. Once you are done with the percussive massage, you can place it down. Switch it off and wipe it again before storing it back on its case.


Sleep deprivation happens but you can solve that through percussive and vibration therapy. The best massage gun that is ideal for percussive therapy anywhere is Urikar Pro 2. It is noiseless, powerful, rechargeable, friendly design and has different speed levels. Purchase and Ship Urikar Pro 2 on Amazon now!

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