• What You Can Bring for Hitting the Gym?

    What You Can Bring for Hitting the Gym?

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    You have promised yourself to start keeping fit and you finally want to start going to the gym. Well, congratulations on that great decision! The next thing is to gather essential items and clothing that you will need during and after a gym workout. There are essential items that you need to carry with you to the gym. It is not just about a...
  • The Top 5 Massage Styles. Which do you choose?

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    JBull 8 min read When it comes to massage styles; What comes to mind first? Which do you prefer? There’s a whole list of them. Let’s go over the different type 8 Massage Styles. We could start from the top of the list with which most are more familiar. Swedish Massage Girl receives swedish massage The Swedish massage is a gentler type of massage...
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