Should You Wear A Face Mask When Running Outdoors

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How Likely Are You to Transmit or Be Infected by The Virus Outdoors?

The Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to stay indoors and avoid crowding in public gatherings. Staying indoors can be exhausting mentally, make you unfit and bored. Therefore, you have to look for something exciting to break boredom by doing outdoor exercise like running. Outdoor running is good for your body, but at the height of the Coronavirus pandemic how safe is it to exercise outdoors? Should you wear a face mask when running outdoors?

Remember, in some countries, outdoor exercise is prohibited hence you need to ensure that you are not against the government directives.

You are likely to transmit or get infected with coronavirus when exercising outdoors if you are exercising in crowded places. Therefore, you need to wear a mask when you are running outdoors because you can transmit or be infected by Coronavirus. However, if you are running in places that do not have people then you can run without wearing a mask on your face but carry it.

What Kind of Face Covering Is Best for Outdoor Exercise?

Even if you will be running in paths or places that are not crowded it is advisable to carry a mask because you never know when you will meet with people. The next question then is, what type of face mask is best for outdoor exercise? As you know, when exercising you will be sweating and breathing heavily hence you need a well suited and fitted face mask. It is advisable to look for a face mask made with a moisture-wicking fabric that is fitting to allow you to breathe comfortably. Free flow of air is important while you are exercising so that cannot suffocate.

Are There Any Health Risks to Wearing A Mask While Exercising?

Before you start running with a mask on, you need to be aware of possible health risks. When you have a face mask on while exercising, the airflow decreases hence making it difficult for you to breathe. Also, when exercising, you will sweat and your mask will be wet if it is not of good fabric. A wet or moisturized mask will also prevent the free flow of air hence it will become for you to breathe. As a result, you will often feel dizziness, fatigue, chest pains, difficulty in breathing which eventually slows your pace. When you feel this kind of complications, it is advisable to stop exercising, look for a good place to rest and remove your mask to allow free flow of air. If that doesn’t help, you can reach out for medical help.

Extra Tips: How to Help Muscle Recover from Exercise?

After doing the outdoor exercises be it running or joking, you will feel pain in your body muscles and tired. To resolve this, you will need a muscle recovery workout to heal the pain in your body and prevent further injuries. Ideally, it would be best to go to a massage parlour. However, we are in an age where we are maintaining social distance, lockdowns now and then and the best thing to do is to stay home and stay safe. On the other hand, the restrictions could have been eased but it is quite expensive to go to a massage parlour daily after a workout. So, how will you do the muscle recovery at home? It’s simple! You need to invest in a massage gun.

Urikar PRO 3 Massage Gun for Muscles Recovery After Exercise

Urikar Pro 3 is the best muscle massge gun for muscle recovery after exercise. It is a hand-held massage gun that provides deep tissue therapy massages at the comfort of your couch floor. This lightweight massage gun is powered by Urikar patented QuietPower 2.0 technology. Moreover, Urikar PRO 3 comes with six interchangeable heads befitted for different parts of the body with 30 adjustable speeds, which fit for anyone whether you are new to the fitness or the professional one. An advantage of using this noiseless massage gun is that it is designed to ease pain, stiffness, reduce inflammation, fasten recovery and prevent more injuries.

How to Use Urikar Pro 3 Massage Gun for Muscles Recovery After Exercise

On unboxing the Urikar Pro 3 that you have just acquired, follow these steps to recover muscles efficiently.

Step 1. Remove the Urikar Pro 3 massage gun from the box, plug its charger and charge the massage gun. From there, power on the massage gun by pressing the power switch for about 3 seconds. Check the battery level on the dashboard and unplug the charger when the battery is full.

Step 2. Next, pick one of the massage head guns and wipe it with a damp clean cloth. After that, plug it on the massage gun, then select the speed level from 1 to 30.

Step 3. Now place the massage head gun on the body part indicated, say the tendon. Urikar Pro 3 will auto-insert intensity, speed and amplitude on the body part. Move it around the indicated body part to get even muscle recovery. 

Step 4. Do so for the other body parts using the other massage head guns to recover the muscles on your entire body.  

Step 5. Once you are done, you can now remove the massage heads, wipe them and store them back safely in the box.


To conclude, it is clear that you can exercise with a face mask outdoors if you have the right fabric of a face mask. When you decide to do outdoor exercise during the Coronavirus pandemic, ensure that you wear a fitting face mask that allows proper circulation of air. Another important thing to consider after outdoor exercise is to do a muscle recovery workout. Urikar PRO 3 massage gun offers the best deep tissue massage therapy after a workout. It will help you ease pain and inflammation, repair your muscles, and prevent further injuries. Get this portable massage gun and do massage recovery at the comfort of your home.


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