What You Can Bring for Hitting the Gym?

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You have promised yourself to start keeping fit and you finally want to start going to the gym. Well, congratulations on that great decision! The next thing is to gather essential items and clothing that you will need during and after a gym workout. There are essential items that you need to carry with you to the gym. It is not just about a water bottle and a towel. Here is a list of 10 items that you need to carry to the gym. Let us get started.

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1. Gym Bag

The first thing you need is a gym bag designed for gyms and exercises. It should be of the right size to fit in your sneakers, gym clothes and shower essentials. Go for a bag with compartments to categorize items in the bag and so that you stay organized. Also, go for one with side pockets that you can put the water bottle. As for the choice of colour, that wholly depends on your preference.

2. Gym Lock

Also, you will need a lock to keep your items safe within the gym storage. Depending on the gym, you may be given a locker with or without a lock. So, it is good to have a lock. There are different types of locks. You can go for the traditional padlocks or get the modern fingerprint locks. The advantage of a fingerprint lock is that you can access your storage by just using your fingerprints. So, if you haven't carried your locker keys, you will still open your gym storage.

3. Headphones

Listening to music drives a lot of motivation when working out. Therefore, you need to have proper headphones so that you can listen to your favourite workout playlist. Since you are exercising and you may not want your earphones to get entangled, then go for a wireless headphone that is fitting.

4. Water Bottle

When working out, you need to stay hydrated. Therefore, it is good to carry a water bottle. Remember, not all gyms provide water at hand, thus you will need to bring your water bottle. It is advisable to go for a reusable water bottle to conserve the environment as you keep hydrated.

5. Gym clothes

Ensure that you pack essential gym clothes. You wouldn't want to go to the gym with a pair of jeans, for men, get the right shorts, a light shirt, socks, and sneakers. On the other hand, as a woman, you will need a sports bra, leggings, and comfortable sneakers. You can always have a list of gym clothes with you to ensure that you have always packed everything you will need at the gym.

6. Shower Essentials

After working out, you will be sweaty. You will not want to work around with the sweat; hence you need to pack your shower essentials to shower after workout. Do not forget to pack shampoo and conditioner for your hair. You can invest in a mini shower essential bag to keep all the shower essentials in your gym bag.

7. Cleansing Wipes

After working out, you will be sweaty. You will not want to work around with the sweat; hence you need to pack your shower essentials to shower after workout. Do not forget to pack shampoo and conditioner for your hair. You can invest in a mini shower essential bag to keep all the shower essentials in your gym bag.

8. Quick Drying Towels

Don't carry your ordinary towel to the gym. Since you will be sweating a lot and wiping the sweat, you will need a micro-fibre towel that dries quickly. You can go for any brand and colour provided the towel is designed for a workout.

9. Socks

Pack a pair of socks. Socks? Yes, socks are important to avoid sweaty feet. You will need a pair of gym socks that absorbs sweat. Also, you will need another pair of socks to wear after the gym. You would not want to walk around with wet or smelly feet.

10. Massage gun

Your essential gym items list look complete, but there is one thing left, a massage gun. After a workout, you will feel some pain in the muscles, inflammation, and tiredness. To fix this soreness in your body, you will need a relaxing massage. But since you cannot afford to go to a massage daily after the gym, you will need a massage gun for deep muscle recovery. Below are the benefits of muscle recovery.

Key Features of Muscle Recovery with A Massage Gun

  • The deep massages by massage guns relieve pains, stiffness and inflammation in your muscles and other body parts
  • Deep massages increase blood flow, lymphatic circulation and stimulate the nerve receptors responsible for dilating blood vessels.
  • Massages enhance the healing of muscles and prevent injuries. 
  • Massage guns allow you to perform percussive massages that enhance muscle contraction, strengthening and lengthening muscles and facial tissues.
  • Massage guns provide overall fitness resulting in improved sleep and reduce anxiety.

Use Massage Gun - Pro 3

One of the best massage guns available in the market is the rechargeable Urikar Pro 3. Urikar Pro 3 percussive massager uses high-performance brushless motors to provide up to 3,600 ppm with 30 different speed options . The Pro comes with 6 different head attachments to target many muscle areas and certain heads will give you up to 14 mm of amplitude. Also, the high-performance brushless motor is quieter, more responsive and lasts four times longer than brushed motors found in similar products. It can work continually up to 10 hours. You may be wondering how to use the Pro 3 massage gun. Here is the guide.

How to Use it Urikar Pro 3 Muscle Massage Gun

Step 1. Charge the massage gun using its charger in the case. After charging, long press the power switch for about 3 seconds, and a blue indicator will appear to show its working.

Step 2. Next, take a massage head like the Shovel head used for cervical and lumbar massage and plug it on the massage gun, or you can select any other one based on your needs.

Step 3. Now, place the massage head on the body part indicated on the dashboard and the massage gun will begin to massage it. Once it stops massaging, then you can wipe the head and store it back in its case.


You have seen that going to the gym is not just about carrying a water bottle and dressing in gym clothes. You need other essentials and you need to keep it simple. To prevent recoveries and quick healing of your muscles, you must use a massage gun like Urikar Pro. Purchase one now and improve your wellness after the gym.

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