Urikar AT1 Professional AI-Powered Deep Tissue Massage Gun
Urikar AT1 is a smart AI-powered percussive massage with 3600 RPM, 8 speed levels, 65 pounds of force, dual modes for fitness...
Urikar Pro 3 High-Powered, Quiet Massage Gun with 30 Speed Levels
14mm Amplitude, 40% Deeper than Other MassagersPro 3 uses a high-torque brushless motor equipped with QuietPower™ technology, which quietly delivers up to 45lbs of no-stall force and stimulates muscle groups...
Pro2 Percussion Massager mit 3 Arbeitsmodi
Das Urikar Pro2 Percussion Massagegerät hat dank seines beheizbaren Massagekopfes eine extrem hohe Leistung, und das Phänomen der "Rötung" auf der Oberfläche...
  • schwarz
  • Silber
Urikar Pro 1 Heated Massage Gun with Touch-Activated Handle
The Urikar Pro 1 is the most powerful and flexible percussion massager with a 180° rotatable touch-sensitive handle which increases flexibility by 30%....
  • Black
Protective Carrying Case
Lightweight and Waterproof Protective Carrying Case for Pro 1 and Pro 2
DC-Adapter für Pro1 Percussion Massager
DC-Adapter für Pro1 Percussion Massager  
Standardmassageköpfe für Pro1 Percussion Massagegerät
Was enthält die Box?  Kugelkopf: Gleichmäßige und weiche Kraft, geeignet für Ganzkörpermuskelmassage und Entspannung.U-förmiger Kopf: Geeignet für Schultern, Halswirbel und bilaterale Muskeln....
Urikar T-shirt
A super comfortable t-shirt to walk around in, go to the gym, workout, wear around the house, or just do whatever in....
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