Who we are?

Urikar was founded on the sheer principles of passion and innovation. 

The beginning of Urikar came to be, as the founder Bob Anderson, started his journey to fitness and health in 2010. Urikar was born out of the severe muscle pain when he woke up the next morning after working out in the gym or had been sitting or standing for hours. He started working on the idea of device and wanted to give people an option for relieving muscle soreness, tightness, pains and aches.  

The brand Urikar was originally from the ancient Greek word “Eureka” , which means “triumph on a discovery”, since this is a great milestone for Bob after making the first Urikar products.

Having been in business for over a decade and headquartered in Seattle USA, Urikar has become a global enterprise that designs and manufactures premium fitness and health equipment covering fitness, sports, health and home appliance etc.

Why does the Urikar Family love what they do?

The Founder of Urikar, Bob Anderson, set out to build a different kind of family. A family that does what they do because they love what they do. So Urikar is dedicated to expanding access to high quality fitness and health products to our customers so they can make the best fitness and health decisions for themselves and their families.  

We're always looking to create a better place in the world with what we can do. Therefore, if we can impact others positively with our passion and dedication for health, fitness and a happier life, we will feel that our hard work is paying off. We're a passionate team of bright and positive innovators that are focused on making everyone's life that much easier and enjoyable.

Address: 36 South 18th Avenue, Suite A, Brighton, CO, USA 80601
Tel: 1-647-932-1124
Email: support@urikar.com

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