8 Sets of Standard Massage Heads

1. Ball Head: Uniform and soft strength suitable for whole-body muscle massage and relaxation. 2. U-Shaped Head: Suitable for shoulders, cervical
vertebrae and bilateral muscles.
 Note: Don't directly hit the cervical spine and spine. it will cause personal injury. 3. Bullet Head: Suitable for tendon, acupoint, etc. 4. D-Shaped Head: Suitable for back, cervical, and waist massage.

Bullet-Shaped Morphological Language Design

Taking the bullet-shaped morphological language design as the concept, the streamlined body can greatly reduce the noise and improve the performance when the machine is running at high speed. It is intended to highlight the professional, strong, and technological characteristics of the product while enhancing the user experience.

180° Rotatable And Adjustable Touch Handle

Increases flexibility by 30% when using the 180° rotatable touch handle. Facilitate a multi-angle self-back massage by adjusting the handle so you can aim at the blind area on your back and reach muscles you never knew you could. It's Ergonomically designed so it's super convenient and able to massage more than 90% of all your body parts.

PTC Ceramic Heating Elements

The inside of the massage head uses PTC ceramic heating elements featuring small thermal resistance, high heat to exchange efficiency, automatic constant temperature, power saving. This technology is widely applied in chronic injury therapy devices, so did the Urikar Pro 1, which made Pro 1 a super-effective massage device to reduce the achiness.

ST Chip Built Inside

With our built in ST chip, Urikar Pro 1 brings you the enhanced memory function. ST chip processing speed is increased by 50%, and the button and knob operations are more sensitive. The quality of ST Chip is guaranteed, and the life span is as long as 15 years under normal circumstances.

Intelligent Over-Voltage Protection

The battery will be powered off when it is fully charged. Double protection-The first is the power management chip inside the machine, and the second is the battery protection board. Even if the power management chip loses its function, the battery protection board can prevent overcharging and protect the battery.
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