Urikar Flex V10 Indoor Spinning Bike with 4.3-in Large-screen Smart LCD Monitor

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More Stable, More Safe
The heavy-duty steel frame and stable triangle structure of the exercise bike guarantee stability while cycling. The adjustable cage pedal on the spinning bike protects your feet from getting off the pedal during fast riding. Press the resistance bar can stop the flywheel immediately. Load-bearing up to 280 pounds, and a fitness bike is suitable for the whole family
This spinning bike with a 36lb flywheel not only provides higher stability but also higher resistance. The higher the resistance, the higher the intensity of training. Stepless speed regulation simulates a real riding experience. The belt-driven system provides a smoother and quieter ride than chain transport. Almost no noise and the indoor bike won't disturb anyone else.

Make Sports Fun
Our smart 4.3-inch LCD displays can not only visually show cadence (RPM), heart rate/pulse, time, distance, calories, but also set training goals, making your training challenging. The tablet holder on the spinning bike allows you to watch the video while exercising and enjoy the fun-filled exercise.
Intimate Design

The ergonomically designed seat is large and comfortable. The handlebars that can be adjusted up and down, the 4-way adjustable seat, and the adjustable cage pedals are suitable for most body types, can be used by the whole family. The bottle holder allows you to replenish water at any time during exercise. 2 transport wheels make the movement more convenient
We all know exercise is good for us and gets those lovely little endorphins flowing, but spinning, in particular, boasts loads of health benefits. Indoor cycling improves cardiovascular health, can lower blood pressure, reduce blood sugar, and improve sleep. Regular cycling will boost muscular endurance and tone your lower body and core. Regular exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

How to Assemble Flex V10 

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Most Asked Technical Questions

1. Turn on the power switch and hold the handle(Touch sensing area ), and the massage gun will turn on.
 Note: The power indicator will light blue and rotate once. while the handle vibrates. 2. Adjust the speed knob, and the massage gun starts to work(Adjust the mode and speed according to your physique and preferences). Speed knob: O-6 gear, rotate clockwise to increase the gear, counterclockwise to decrease, and adjust to the lowest gear for standby. 3. Put down the handle and the massage gun stops working automatically. Note: If i is not used for a long time, please turn off the power switch.
The inside of the massage head uses PTC ceramic heating elements. Small thermal resistance, high heat to exchange efficiency, automatic constant temperature, power saving. The safety performance is extremely high, and the phenomenon of "redness" on the surface of electric heating tube heaters will not occur to any application, which may cause burns, fires and other safety hazards.
Urikar Pro1 180°Rotatable And Adjustable Touch Handle increased flexibility by 30% by using the 180°rotatable and adjustable touch handle. Facilitate multi-angle and self-back massage, aiming at the back blind area and back muscles. Ergonomically designed, it can massage more than 90% of body parts by itself.
- 1. The product cannot be used while charging. - 2. It is recommended NOT to use it on the same part of the body for more than 60s. - 3. It is suggested not to use continuously for more than 1 hour. After long periods of use, let it sit for 30 minutes before continuing to use it. Letting the massager rest is beneficial to the protection of the motor. - 4. The heating compress only works when the heating head is in and in heating mode (place the heating head incorrectly then press and hold the button for 3-5 seconds until the light starts blinking). - 5. When disassembling the massage head, gently press the massage head inward, and then pull it out. - 6. Don't disassemble this product. This product is not waterproof or fireproof. - 7. This product is suitable for adults. Please use it correctly under the supervision of guardians for minors.
The amazing performance and benefits of the Pro 1s touch -sensitive handle is quite unique. It helps in preventing you from massaging the house, floor, table or anything else that it touches if set down or dropped. Normally you'll have to turn off a massager when you want to put it down for a moment and then redo all of your settings when starting again. The Pro 2 doesn't have this function.
The touch sensitive handle activates the massager to be used when holding it and deactivates the massager when not. It really is more of a convenience. Most massagers will need to be turned off and reset to the settings you were using when turning back on again. This helps with that as wells as saving battery life and not massaging everything it touches when dropped or set down.


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