The Urikar Brand and Family was founded in 2019 for the specific reason to bring a new kind of meaning to life. We wanted to make sure that when you are in relaxation mode and need that extra “Me Time”, that we could amplify that feeling and desire to enjoy more. We’ve all been there. Worked 12 - 15 hours a day, felt cramped in your neck, back, arms, well ... basically everywhere.

Therefore, we bring you the Urikar Brand. Since life is tough, we’re here to be your Life’s Therapy. We’re the ones that you can think of for that simple but fulfilling and much needed relaxation station kind of thought.

We’re about to launch a product line that we have been developing and developing and developing and redeveloping and and and yea you get the picture. So now it’s the time that we release our special gift(s) to the world and for you.


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