We believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities and forward progress!

Urikar at a Glance

Fitness, Wellness, and Quality of Life

In 2015, our founder Mr Bob set out to create more effective therapies for muscle pains and help people recover in a simpler and smarter way. Based on this, Urikar was found in Colorado, USA.

From 2015 to 2019, Urikar developed and released several highly-acclaimed muscle percussion massagers and other products for improving the quality of health and life of customers. In 2019, Urikar's flagship product, AT1, the world's first smart AI massage gun, made its debut and became widely popular.

At present, Urikar's product lines cover percussive massage guns, sports & fitness equipment, health devices and more. Centered on these product lines, Urikar aims to provide professional and customized health and fitness solutions for all. Our products aim to cultivate lifelong healthy habits, in addition to solving acute aches and pains. Our future product ecosystem will include intelligent fitness equipment, smart fitness devices and a comprehensive health service platform, which can be used to input, record and analyze health data and then provide tailormade health reports. Everything we do is for your health.

Our Team

Fueled by Creativity and Innovation

Infused throughout Urikar is a passion for innovation and exploring new ideas. Urikar is driven by the desire to bring the benefits of fitness to everyone. We have a dedicated product development and design team made up of fitness and sports enthusiasts. We are charged with researching and developing innovative designs for fitness equipment that improve people's lives. We always apply ourselves to best serve our customers who seek a better quality of life.

Our Commitment

Move Better, Feel Better, Live Better

"We want to power your motivation and support your desire to move better, feel better, and live better. That's why we established Urikar." - Bob

From developing the world’s first AI massage gun in 2019 to launching Urikar app, we’ve been leading the fitness & health industry forward with advancement after advancement. We aim to use the latest technology to create solutions that let our customers take control of their own health. Urikar will continue to design and produce products and experiences that meet the very highest standards of quality, and seamlessly fit into the lives of real people and allow them to achieve their health and fitness goals. Whether you're new to fitness or hope for a more positive and healthier lifestyle, join us and kickstart healthy changes in your life starting from now.

Our Journey


Urikar officially established is Colorado, USA in 2015.

Team Expansion

The R&D team expanded and started the development of muscle massage gun in 2016.

New Product Launch

Urikar launched its first massage gun in 2017.

High-Performance Massage Gun R&D

Urikar increased investment in R&D. Also, development starts on a new generation of high-performance massage guns.

1st  AI Massager Launch

Urikar launched the first smart AI massage gun in 2019 and became widely popular.

5th Annnivesary

Urikar expanded the fitness and sports products on 5th anniversary

Health & Sports Products Launch 

Urikar further invested in R&D and launched its comprehensive health & sports products.


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