What is Reviewer Program?

We want to create a place for the visitor to share their experience or project on here, to help other visitors know our product and service better! To encourage visitors to leave their comments, we started a review program in which reviewers can get benefit from it.

Who can join in?
Our reviewer program is open to everyone. No purchase is necessary. We do require your professional / personal review. This helps us with creating a better product.

How to Join in?
To join our Reviewer Program is also very simple, just leave the reviews on the product page which you want to review, you can upload img on the page and you can share your professional evaluation of our products on social media: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. For the video, please send a file or links to us through email. All of the reviews will be checked by our marketing team, and they will contact you later.

You can also contact our review team directly by marketing@urikar.com.


Still have questions, we are always here for you!


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